Importing multiple finance dimensions using RapidStart in Dynamics NAV

Using RapidStart in Dynamics NAV for importing and exporting data is really easy. However, every now and again, I get the question:


How do I import my opening balance with more that the two global finance dimensions?


If you are using the basic configuration package it is fairly easy:

  • Go to the Configuration Worksheet
  • Export table 81 to Excel 
  • Add the opening balance entries to the excel sheet
  • Then import the Excel sheet in Dynamics NAV 


But what if I want to create a special Configuration Package for that purpose?

Then it becomes a bit more complicated. First, it is necessary to make a design change to Page "Config. Package Subform" (8625) to include the field "Dimensions as Columns" to the page.  

Then create a new Configuration package:

Choose the "Gen. Journal Line" table (81) to the Configuration Package. 

Set a checkmark in the "Dimensions as Columns" field

Click the Table/Fields action to select the fields to include:

Select the fields to include to the Excel sheet then close the Fields page 


Now to the important part:


Do not export the Excel sheet from the Configuration Package!


If the Excel sheet is exported from the Configuration Package, the dimensions will not be included.

So, close the "Configuration Package" page and open the "Configuration Worksheet" page instead:

Create a new line at the bottom

Choose the "Gen. Journal Line" table (81) to the "Table ID" field

Click the "Assign Package" action and select the new package name

Then Click the "Export Template" action

Now the Excel sheet is exported with dimensions:

The Excel sheet needs to be imported from the Configuration Worksheet later.


 A little trick:

Leave a number of different entries in the G/L Journal that is exported, then you can see how to spell the different "Account Types".


If the opening balance consists of millions of entries, it is necessary to create a dataport to do the job.