Book Introduction to the Modern Client Business Central

Some people take vacations far away in the Christmas holiday, but not me.

I decided to start the new year by writing a new book:

Introduction to the Modern client in Business Central

The book cover the new features introduced with Business Central Release Wave 2 and the Modern client.

In spite of the new name, the client was not completely unknown because it was built on the foundation of the web-client that was introduced with Dynamics NAV 2013 and later revised with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Previously the web-client was very often opted out because of limitations in:

  • Missing shortcuts
  • Missing not functional Quick-Entry
  • Missing Departments menu
  • No Personalization
  • Many levels in the menus
  • Copy/paste problems

However, with the release of the Modern client, many of the problems that prevented users to switch to the Web-client has been  fixed, and the Modern client now proves to be a valid successor to the Windows client.

This book will give you a round-trip in the Modern client and explain functionality and how to maneuver the client and how to customize it.

  • Why do we need Role Centers?
  • The life-cycle of a profile
  • Maneuvering the Role Center
  • The new shortcuts
  • Creating filtered views
  • Adjusting views to fit your need
  • Developing new Role Center pages
  • Designing the Role Center and other pages
  • Customizing profiles
  • Personalizing pages
  • My Notifications
  • Charts and Business charts
  • Alternative clients

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The final e-book will be available at the end of January.