200 ERP Questions to ask when considering Business Central

Sune Lohse from Abakion wrote the book together with Sanne With-Hansbøl, Kenneth Kryger Gram and Kristian Nørhave, about 200 ERP Questions to ask when considering Dynamics NAV back in 2017.

Now the book has been upgraded to 200 ERP Questions to ask when considering Business Central .

The book takes you through all the different takes of upgrading or migrating you to Business Central.

This book is a review of all the needs that you should map when looking at a new ERP system, particularly if that system is Dynamics 365 Business Central that was previously named Dynamics NAV.

The book is 237 pages divided into 9 main topics:

            1. Your Project
            2. Your Strategy
            3. Your Processes
            4. Sales
            5. Purchase & Planning
            6. Inventory
            7. Production
            8. Finance
            9. Technic stuff

In the process, I will go through the processes of your company and ask questions, that you need to answer. This will enable you to communicate with your ERP-supplier with confidence. 

The book is published in Danish bundled with both hardcover and pdf or as e-book in pdf.

It is also available in English as pdf.

Both books can be downloaded free in preview editions.

And of course they are available at your local DynamicsBookStore.com.