Statistical Accounts in General Ledger

Can Dynamics NAV handle statistical (unit) accounts in the General Ledger? Yes, it can! Although there is nothing in Dynamics NAV called statistical accounts, so the main thing is to make sure you are not mixing them into the regular g/l accounts.

The way it can be set up is to use a prefix like an ‘S’ for all the statistical accounts and this way group them in the end of the chart of accounts. You also need one of them to be an offset account when you are posting against them. Something like this could be used:


The statistical accounts can obviously have dimensions similar to regular g/l accounts. So, you can for example have the ‘Number of Employees’ per ‘Department’, you then want to set the account up to have the department dimension as mandatory.


This is basically it!

You can now post against those statistical account the same way as you post to regular accounts (with a date, quantity, dimensions, etc..) and build your reports (through Account Schedules or something similar) to include the statistical accounts and use them in formulas (like cost per employee for each department, revenue per sales rep., etc.).


That was easy!

Did I mention that you can use them in budgets as well?!

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