How to Work with Warehouse Receipts

From time to time I see users struggling with a list of warehouse receipts, the question is then ‘how can I find the warehouse receipt I am looking for?’.

Well, you make it too complicated. A warehouse receipt should be created at the time of receiving not before that. If you create your warehouse receipts in advance you will have problems finding them since the list of warehouse receipts does not really include any useful information.

The procedure should be like this:

1. Create a new warehouse receipt when you are about to receive material in NAV.

2. Use the ‘Get Source Documents’ function to select the inbound order to receive. If you are receiving material from multiple order you can use this function to retrieve lines from the different orders.

3. Verify the items, quantities and bins (if the location is using bins). If there are multiple lines retrieved and you only receiving one of them you have the option to delete the rest or use the function ‘Delete Qty. to Receive’.

4. Post the receipt.

5. If there are remaining lines or quantities on the warehouse receipt, then delete it! If not the list of warehouse receipts will grow and you will have an hard time finding back to it.

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