Autofill Variable Name in NAV 2015

By accident I discovered something quite interesting last week and I thought it was worth sharing it through a blog post.

When you create an object type variable in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 and you leave out the name then NAV will automatically suggest the name based on the subtype. So, when creating variables that are forms, records, reports, xmlports, etc. then there is no need to enter a variable name anymore. Nice!

Here is how it works;

Create a new variable by leaving the name blank and enter the datatype and subtype.


Now, when leaving the subtype field Dynamics NAV automatically populates the name as the subtype where the spaces, etc. been removed. Cool!


I will start using this all the time now, saves a lot of key strokes in my mind. It does assumes you are ok with the suggested name that is.

This new feature made my day when I discovered it, I bit nerdy I know.

If you create a second variable for the same object it gets the same name, would have been nice if it had added a ‘2’ to the end or something, but I guess you can’t get everything.

I have also started building a Dynamics NAV FAQ list on my blog (just as an FYI  ).

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