Activate Item Tracking for Items with Ledger Entries

A common request is to activate item tracking (lot numbers and/or serials numbers) for items that already have transactions (item ledger entries). In Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can’t really do this without going ‘behind the scenes’ and tweaking the data.

What I have done a couple of times is to change the check on the item tracking code to only check for open item ledger entries. This way you can adjust the inventory out, change the item tracking code, and then put the inventory back in with the lot and/or serial numbers. This is a one line code change that takes 5 min. All you have to do is to change the TestNoEntriesExist call in the OnValidate trigger of the item tracking code field in the item table to call the TestNoOpenEntriesExist function instead like below.


That’s it!

This is to me the preferred way to do it, but it should only be a workaround, since a closed item ledger entry can be reopened through the application worksheet (so if you do that and apply an item ledger entry without a lot number to one with a lot number you might get into trouble).

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