Running SMTP component from NAV 5.0 in older versions

This procedure explains how to run SMTP component from NAV 5.0 in older versions. This was tested in Navision 4.0 SP3. Not all countries had NAV 5.0 a localized release.

If you don’t want this manual procedure of registering components you could also install NAV 5.0 client in same computer you are running NAV 4.0 SP3.

Manual Procedure:

1 – Copy “Microsoft.Navision.Mail.dll” and “Microsoft.Navision.Mail.tlb” from NAV 5.0 installation CD to NAV 4.0 client folder.

2 – You need to run regasmexe. This tool is located in “C:\Program Files\Tools;C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727”. When you run this tool you could add it to windows path or insert full path when running.

3 – In Navision client folder execute regasm Microsoft.Navision.Mail.dll /tlb:Microsoft.Navision.Mail.tlb

4 – Export fowling objects from NA 5.0 to NAV 4.0

Form – 409 SMTP Mail Setup
Codeunit – 400 - SMTP Mail
Table – 409 - SMTP Mail Setup

Now you can use codeunit SMTP Mail to send e-mails instead of using 3rd party components or writing new one in .NET.

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