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I will try to give a first glance to MS Dynamics Mobile for NAV .I’m not a huge fan of fresh technologies/products since they aren’t solid. But these days I decided to give a try to MS Dynamics Mobile pre-release 2008. Final release is scheduled to be released with NAV 5.0 SP1. 
This pre-release is also available in download section.

These are the preliminary conclusions and they mightn’t be 100% correct since is based in a pre-release tool.

This release is missing MS NAV synchronization server.  Only client side has available in this download. So synchronization and record conflicts detection couldn’t be tested. This tool seems to be solid in terms of disconnect mobile application. I felt that leaved a major gap in Navision in synchronous applications. ADCS is a great tool but it needs a few improvements. There wasn’t many improvements since is first release. In final release I will check if it can replace ADCS in some type of synchronous applications. Warehouse inventory and quality control applications it’s a great candidate to replace ADCS. 

Navision business logic won’t be directly available in mobile devices. I guess it will be present in during record synchronization but I hadn’t any way of confirming that theory.  This tool is available for mobile decides and runs over in .NET Compact framework and SQL Server. C/AL Developers will have a major learning curve to dominate this tool. Developing forms isn’t as simple has NAV. In NAV you could design Forms that displayed records without any simple line of code.

 To display a list of customers you have to create c# code and SQL.

private void LoadCustomer()
List<List<string>> listCustomers = new List<List<string>>();

SqlDatabase database = (SqlDatabase)databaseCatalog.GetDatabase(
DbDataReader reader = database.ExecuteReader(
"SELECT cus.Id, cus.Name, custype.Name FROM CUSTOMERS cus LEFT JOIN CUSTOMERTYPE custype ON custype.Id = cus.Type");
nCustomerCount = 0;

while (reader.Read() == true)
List<string> customer = new List<string>();


catch (Exception e)
new ErrorLogEntry("Database error", e));
throw e;


I hope also that this tool in a near future incorporate it will incorporate a tool for editing settings XML file. Sample application supplied in zip file only have a few tests but settings XML is already relative large. Even in relative small applications can be complex for manual editing.

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