NAV CodePage Encoding Converter 2

This is an update release of COM Encoding Converter. This new release has a installer and convert function has renamed to avoid problems with reserved word in VBA. (Thanks to Mark Brummel) 

You can also manually register component.

To manually register your components you can make  
regasm.exe COMEncodingConverter2.dll /tlb:COMEncodnigConverter2.tlb

Regasm is located in c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\

To Use object

Create am automation variable : aEncConv Automation 'COMEncodingConverter2'.EncodingConverter2 

aEncConv.ConvertFile('UTF-8', 'Windows-1252', 'C:\input.txt', 'C:\output.txt');

Download is available in 

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