Mobile Services

I personally enjoy working with 2 technologies: Dynamics NAV and Microsoft .NET. Lately I have been more focused in with Dynamics NAV because my current company has their core business based in Dynamics NAV. I also like being related to development but even know I'm speeding each day making less development.

I have a few personal projects that some of them leaded to commercial products and other eventually died in their live cycle.

Today I would like to show another personal project. If you like this project I would only appreciate a comment. If this project should be available has free and open source or has a commercial product with all the benefits that it has (commercial support, SLA, etc).

Project Overview

This is mobile application that is focused in remote Service Management workforce connected to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
In some kind of business companies can have more than 90% of their workforce in the field. So it can be difficult by employees to register spent hours and item used in tasks without having direct connection to Navision.
This project isn't built in top Microsoft Dynamics Mobile. The main reason for this decision was that I wanted to use other synchronization technologies and build application from scratch fully understand those technologies

System Architecture

This application has build on top of Microsoft .NET

This application is focused in communications between layers being Service Oriented. This abstraction allows application to integrate with almost every piece of software.

Mobile Application - Is a Windows Mobile application developed in Compact Framework. It's an offline application. Connectivity with server is made through web services. It also possible to redirect those connections to other technologies such as mobile phones SMS to urgent notifications.

Server acts has a middle tier between mobile devices and ERP. Application was build with abstraction in mind. You can connect to Navision or to another ERP's. I only developed a connector for Navision 5.X / 4.X.

Server also has a back office (a simple web page) for motoring messages between server and Dynamics NAV

Final Comments

I only wanted to know if anybody has the time to give a personal opinion. Should this application to become an open source project or a commercial project? This is the question that I have in mind. I personally I'm tend to kill the application since I think it has achieved his purposed and other there are good quality product that does the same.

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