NAV Objects starting from 1000000000 onwards


Welcome to my first blog. In this blog, I am writing about something which was different/ strange for me in first look, all your objects start from 1000000000 onwards...Notice the ID (Number) of objects.

And you can't either design/ run any of the objects. Have you ever seen such situation!!!!!


How did it happen: A couple of week before, after creating a New database, I created a database log-in before restoring any backup. And while restoring backup, system asked if I wanted to replace the existing security system. On confirmation, system restored the database, but surprisingly object number were 1000000000 onwards, and one can neither Design/ Modify nor Run these objects.








Why it happens: I really don't know exact answer to this, but seems something related to securing the database, but should not be because on restoring you can create any log-in and access the database.

If you have any clue, I would like to hear from you.



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