NAV Objects starting from 1000000000 onwards


Welcome to my first blog. In this blog, I am writing about something which was different/ strange for me in first look, all your objects start from 1000000000 onwards...Notice the ID (Number) of objects.

And you can't either design/ run any of the objects. Have you ever seen such situation!!!!!


How did it happen: A couple of week before, after creating a New database, I created a database log-in before restoring any backup. And while restoring backup, system asked if I wanted to replace the existing security system. On confirmation, system restored the database, but surprisingly object number were 1000000000 onwards, and one can neither Design/ Modify nor Run these objects.








Why it happens: I really don't know exact answer to this, but seems something related to securing the database, but should not be because on restoring you can create any log-in and access the database.

If you have any clue, I would like to hear from you.



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  • Try pressing Tools\Restore.

    I'm quite sure it will tell you that it didn't complete the last Restore process, and offer to complete the operation. This should remove these tables.

  • Hi pdj,

    That is true that restore was not complete and Tools\Restore ask for its completion, but the question is why does it change the number/ID of objects?

  • No it does not change the number. It creates all tables in the backup with that number, loads the data in there, and on completion of the backup, NAV transfers the data back to the original tables. If - for some reason - the backup is interrupted, the tables remain there until you complete the "still-open" backup.



  • Hmmm... What "D" wrote hereinabove is reasonable, but this should be the case with Native database only, as SQL restore (I mean restore in SQL DB within Navision client, not using MSSQL own restore mechanisms) runs as one HUGE transaction, which is simply not COMMITed if something fails - no need to create "temporary" tables.


  • Yes, Modris. It was in Native database only.