So what do I actually mean, and what am I trying to achieve with this post?

I have been working with NAV for about 8 years now (primarily on the development side), and with another database for a number of years prior to that.  Although I am moving more into the consultancy area now, I need to maintain and build on my current technical knowledge (in particular of the surrounding technologies) in order to provide complete solutions when making suggestions to customers. 

I am in particular excited by the upcoming NAV 6.0 release which is the primary reason for this blog.  I want to make sure that I am fully up-to-date with what is coming, and be ready for .NET (and that framework) when the need arises.  I hope to share my experiences and bring together a community of like-minded technical solution builders who are looking to get ahead in this area.

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  • I don't think you're going to need .NET knowledge that much in NAV "6.0" (You can all it NAV 2009 now Smile).  NAV development will still be done in the C/SIDE client of NAV as we know it today (with an extra object type though).


    I like your blog-design Smile.