NAV 2009 TIF Import Crashing!

Another interesting little issue I have come across...

I have been trying to go through the process of running some of our add-on product through the the NAV 2009 transformation tool, however I've been falling over at the first hurdle!  In order to preserve my lovely clean Demo install I decided that it was time that I understand the Service tier a little more.  So I went ahead and created a new service tier (following Freddys useful blog - Thanks) and pointed it to a restored copy of the 2009 demo database.  This all worked well and I could run the RTC against the new database via the new service tier without a hitch.

Next I followed the online help and wanted to import the TIF fob - this is where the problem started...  each time I attempted the import the Classic client would crash!  I have now tracked this down to something that I would not expect.  After installing my service tier etc, I shutdown my machine.  On rebooting I have discovered that my RTC will now not run against my new database.  Further investigations showed that my NAV service was in fact set to start manually and so this all made sense.  In working through this I also found that once the service tier was started I could now import the TIF fob.

So the lesson to be learned, and I am not yet sure whether this applies to the import of all fob files, is that the service tier for the database you are importing objects into must be started.  Why we have this requirement when we are looking at the classic client only, I am not yet sure - any ideas anyone???

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