More RIM

A couple of things Microsoft may wish to consider...It would be nice if there was a little more validation on the fields in the questionnaire.  For example if we were setting up locations, then we wouldn't want to be able to specify Bin Codes (eg. Receipt Bin Code) unless Directed Put-away and Pick was selected.  So to, you shouldn't be able to select Directed Put-away and Pick unless Bin Mandatory is selected.  This validation could quite easily be 'exported' to Excel, but the trick would be how to define it in the Questionnaire.  Granted, trying to do this on XML would probably be a step to far?!?Now I may have missed something here, but I would like to be able to pick up Master Template data for my legacy data import/migration at run time - ie. choose the template based on a flag that could easily be added to the legacy data in Excel.  This would save us having to run the migration for batches of data which could then have separate data templates.

Has anyone had experience with the migration tools - specifically how they work under the bonnet?

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