Who am I?

A bit about myself before we get started.

I have been working in NAV since 2000, primarily in the development environment.  As my experience has grown so has my ability to provide more of a complete consultancy service to my customers.  I have always been excited and interested in all matters technical when it comes to NAV, and in particular deep interactions with SQL server and any of the surround technologies. 

Although moving more into the consultancy area now, I will maintain and build on my technical knowledge in order to provide complete solutions when making suggestions to customers.  In particular I am excited by the upcoming NAV 6.0 release (and beyond) which is the primary reason for this blog.  I need to ensure that I am fully up-to-date with what is coming, and when the inevitable need to learn .NET development and the framework in which solutions will be provided, will come.  I hope to share my experiences and bring together a community of like-minded technical solution builders who are looking to get ahead in this area.

 I am currently employed by one of the leading Gold Certified NAV partners in the UK as a Senior Consultant.  My responsibilities in particular revolve around an ISV product for the Fresh Produce industry.  It is a very rich add-on and is constantly being enhanced to include more and more functionality.  This solution also includes a large suite of mobile applications which have been designed by our .NET team, headed up by a Microsoft MVP.

 Prior to my NAV days I worked for a number of years with another database product - 4th Dimension.  This is a wonderful cross-platform database environment.  Although very powerful, the environment presents much as MS Access does in that you basically begin from scratch each time.  Forms, reports and the like are all possible.  As with NAV, 4D can run with a native database, although I see now that interaction with SQL server has been increased.