Welcome to the assisted Data Migration in Project Madeira

We can have master data like Customers, Vendors and Items in project Madeira with few clicks of assisted data migration setup.

Open “Assisted Setup & Tasks” action from Business Manager Role center

Or use search option

Select “Migrate Business Data”

It will open “Welcome to the assisted Data Migration” window.

Click Next
Select “Import from Excel” as data source.

And click Next

Here we need to perform some steps
1.     Download the template
2.     Fill in the template with your data

If we have entered No. filed in excel then it will be used in Madeira. Otherwise Madeira will New No. as per No. Series.

Click Next

Confirmation message will show that we have not specified import settings for the data source.
We can ignore it.

Press Yes.
Import from Excel window will open

Click Choose
Select the excel in which we have added our data

Madeira will read the Excel and show us the no. of records we are importing to database.

Click Next to apply the data to database.
Madeira will show message with processed details.

Click OK

That’s it!

Click Finish

Close the assisted setup window.

Go to Customers     

You will see imported records from excel
It has added 60000 and 70000 as we have given No. in excel
And C00020 is added by Madeira with no. series.

That is how easy it is to get started with Project Madeira.

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