Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tenerife Page Designer - Part 1

We will learn how to add existing field to page, rearrange fields and rename group names using new Page Designer. 

Add existing fields to page:
First, have a look at standard customer card (Ex: 10000) in both RTC and web client.

Click on New feature page designer on top right and besides help

Which opens page in design mode like below

Selecting the Design mode allows fields to be repositioned and groups renamed. Fields that are present on the source table can be added to the page and the page itself may be previewed using a desktop/phone/tablet view.

Click on More option which is besides Design mode

Now the page looks like

We can add new field, action part and page to customer card.
Click on Field.

Which opens Add field to page option on right hand side of page.

Which shows field name, datatype and status like whether it is already placed in page or ready to place.
Now I would like to add Name 2 field to my customer card.

Select the field to drag it on to page where ever we required.

We can notice a pointer which shows where the field is going to be added.
Now the field is added to page and same is updated in Add field to page list as placed which was ready before.

We can also see the preview of Desktop, Table and Phone directly from here.
Notice the option on design mode bar.

It is Desktop view by default and we can click on Tablet and Phone views to check how our changes will look.
Tablet view looks like below after adding Name 2 field.

We can change orientation to Portrait by clicking on option besides STAR above.

Click on Phone View.

We can change orientation to landscape view also.
Go back to RTC and we can notice that field Name 2 is added to page Customer Card.

Rearrange Fields:
Now I would like to move IC Partner field at the end of General Group.
We can simply select the field and drag to position where we would like move.

Now the field is moved/rearranged in both web client and RTC.

We can see these changed in Tablet and Phone also as explained above.

Rename the Group:
We can rename the Group name after opening the page in design mode.
I would like to change General Group to Common.
Select the Group name and simple change as per your requirement.

We can notice that change in both Web Client and RTC customer card.

What it actually does in back ground is:

It generates code and creates an extension which we can see in Extension management page.

If we uninstall the extension then all our changes will be rolled back.

We can check standard Customer card in RTC and web client.

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