How do I get started to Preview of Dynamics NAV Development Tools

Today Microsoft has announced new tools we will use to build extensions and
apps in and for Dynamics NAV.

It seems Microsoft Code name for it is Tenerife. 

How do I get started?
First we need an Azure Subscription.
If we don’t have one,we can get a free 30-day trial from that will give you access to everything you need.

Secondly, head over to

Login to your Azure Subscription.

Select your subscription, resource group, location, name, and a VM Admin Password. Leave the remaining fields as their defaults. Accept the terms, Pin to dashboard and select Purchase. The instance takes about 5 minutes to set up, and the VM will be ready about 15 minutes after Azure says Deployment Succeeded.

We can see new resource in Dashboard after successfully deployed.
Click on Server1.

Click Connect.

Enter Password entered above.

Now you are in VM with below Desktop Icons.

Click on “Navision_main Web Client”.
Web client contains a new feature allowing design of pages. Selecting the Design mode allows fields to be repositioned and groups renamed. Fields that are present on the source table can be added to the page and the page itself may be previewed using a desktop/phone/tablet view.

Open Visual Studio Code on desktop.
Select Folder “C:\DEMO\New Developer Experience\Samples”
It looks like below.

Stay tunes for more details.

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