Why DevOps for Business Central is the responsibility of Microsoft, not the customer!

I’ll start with saying that I’m not writing this blog to pick a fight or another online debate. I’m tired of getting the feeling that I’m talking into a brick wall not being heard and understood.

I stopped reading most of the blogs and newsletters from MVP’s and from MSDynamicsWorld.com. I find them desturbingly sales oriented, egocentric and political.

Today I was cleaning up my outlook folder for unimportant email when this article caught my eye and I could not resist opening it.


I wanted to spend a few moments of my day off to respond to this article and why the statement is wrong.

James is making a statement that if you are a VAR and you have per-tenant extensions you should have DevOps in place to catch if that per-tenant extension is broken.

This may be true with the service that Microsoft provides today, but it does not allign with the orriginal idea of AppSource and Extensions.

The orriginal idea when Extensions and AppSource where “invented” was that the responsibility of notifying breaking changes to partners and customers would be with Microsoft, not with the VAR.

When a programmer at Microsoft checks in code and it is accepted by the code cops and procedures in place, the idea was that a script would be executed against all apps on AppSource and Per-Tenant extensions.

When a programmer at Microsoft makes a changes that breaks an extension the change needs to be actively refused and the programmer needs to implement it in a non breaking way.

If this is not possible Microsoft should actively work with the ISV and VAR/Customer to make sure that all parties are informed of the change. If the change cannot be implemented in such a way that the owner of the extension is forced to rewrite the code Microsoft should compensate.

Remember that customers can expect from a company like Microsoft to provide a cloud solution that is robust and does not break all the time.

The fact that Microsoft decided to make the old Navision code the source of Business Central without refactoring it into microservices cannot be waved away at the expense of customers and VAR’s.

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