Webinar Announcement : Design Considerations for PTE’s

On July 6th this year I will make my first “public” webinar in about a year or two, since I decided to retire the NAV-Skills webinars.

You can register for the webinar here. It will be hosted by Luc van Vugt on the Areopa channel.

I had to look it up, but it has been exactly 5 years since I was in Iceland where I helped LS Retail with the first AppSource app for what was then called “Project Madeira”. A lot has happened since then and currently over 1.500 Apps for Business Central are published.

Over 15.000 companies are using Business Central and a lot of them use AppSource solutions, but most have customizations on top of that. The ease to customize has always been the bread and butter of our community.

To publish an App on AppSource is a very well documented process and many webinars, blogs and presentations at Directions have covered the journey in great detail.

Customizing business processes using Business Central is not something that is covered and documented very well. In fact, I believe I dare to say that our community has gotten poor in sharing expericiences in this area. A lot of the old blogs have gotten stale and/or a bit booring. Including mine I guess.

Last year I was convinced I would never blog again or write a blog post on my own website. I even considered closing this blog permanently. I guess you can even say that I hoped that when I would shut up, someone else would take over a certain “role” that I felt I had gotten.

I am in the very fortunate situation that I got to make my passion of sharing my experience into my proffesion. In my roles for ForNAV, QBS Group & PrintVis I get to spend a lot of time with partners, especially their developers and guide them into making better solutions.

My own company, Brummel Dynamics Services, is no longer just me either. A few years ago my brother Rene and I decided to work together as much as possible and here we spend a lot of our time using Microsoft Azure technology to solve complex business processes rather than writing AL code.

In order to know what works well, you have to make mistakes. Without mistakes there is no learning. In the last 5 years with Extensions and 3 years with Azure I made a lot of mistakes, fixed them and learned from it.

We have reached a level of maturity that allows us to come up with a new set of Best Practices that will stay for a while. I see this both with Business Cental and AL as well as the Azure platform.

As a community we are at a point were we again must agree on a common language and rules that we must follow.

In 2010 I wrote my first book, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Design, out of pure frustration about the quality of solutions delivered my our community. The book eventually grew into a community understanding that we have to work together to follow a set of shared values.

These books will be updated over the next few months and I will start writing blogs where I will kick off the ideas I have on how we can create a new set of rules based on a world with new platforms and technologies.

Nothing is carved in stone and I urge you to join me in the communication process starting with the webinar on July 6th.

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