It has been 2,5 years since my first book was published about Dynamics NAV application design.

Since then much has happened. My youngest son Daan was born, we moved to a new house which we are fixing up etc.

I also helped starting up the Dutch Dynamics Community and initiated Partner Ready Software together with Eric and Gary.

But now its time to update the book.

During the last years I have had many compliments about the book, had many "thank you's" etc.

What I want now is to hear what the book is lacking! What to you want it to change?

It's not going to be a complete rewrite. The Table of Contents will not change, I think the general structure of the book makes sense.

Off course I will implement the basics of PRS what we have been evangelising for a while and explain the design of Dimensions, Assembly, Time Sheets, etc in 2013.

What else would you like?

(Be carefull, I will moderate feedback to what I like... Stick out tongue)

Comment List
  • Looking forward to see the updated version. What I would really have loved to have seen before I started working on the RTC was those little "secrets" which often is needed to know when you design new reports or changes existing. Especially the "document" reports. I think you know what I mean, otherwise please just let me know and I can give you more examples.