VSIFT - No more zero SIFT records ???

With the introduction of VSIFT, a new perception was introduced. There are no more Zero SIFT records.

More about VSift in http://dynamicsuser.net/blogs/mark_brummel/archive/2009/04/12/vsift-the-day-after.aspx

With the classic SIFT it was possible to have SIFT records that did not contain any totals. These were called Zero SIft Records or Sift Zombies.

They were easy to delete by optimising the Dynamics NAV tables but if you forget to do that regularly there could probably be thousands to millions of these records keeping space in your database and potentialy slowing down your processes.

I will explain why they did this in some other blog but this blog is about VSift and those empty records.

Since the VSift do not actualy contain the zero values or any values at all they should potentialy not be there but... even with VSift it is possible to get potential zeroes.Stick out tongue

In the VSIft a new field is introduced $Cnt which counts the records in the filter. Now if you use this query:

In a CRONUS database you'll get this result:

Funny isn't it.

Fortunately you will never be ably to fire queries like this from NAV.

One of the big advantages of VSift is that only the fields that are used are included in the SQL Statement like




SUM("SUM$Amount") FROM dbo."CRONUS Nederland BV$G_L Entry$VSIFT$1" WITH(NOEXPAND) WHERE (("G_L Account No_"='9800'


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