Traveling to TechDays (With Waldo)

Yes, as you can read on his Blog, yesterday we traveled to Sweden for TechDays.

All went well, traveling from my home to the airport by train and then flying to Stockholm...but then... there was snow in Sweden...

And Eric was driving.

Technicaly that should not be an issue at all but we decided to take a detour. Put the Garmin on "Avoid Major Roads" and "Shortest Route"...

Did you ever fly over local Swedish roads with snow in a Volvo with 80 kilometers an hour...Stick out tongue

Anyway... I survived and after two hours we decided to drive the remaining route via the highway and arived in the Hotel

Microsoft was kind enough to host a welcoming party in the Orebro Castle. Very impressive location... only the drinks we on own expense... Angry Long live the crisis...

Right now we are preparing our presentation for tomorrow. We expect a public that does not know much of NAV and is technicaly orrientated so the agenda is

  • Introduction to NAV
  • Changing the Business Logic     (Object Designer)
  • Exposing the Business Logic      (Webservices)
  • Visualising the Business Logic   (Client Add-ins) 

We are in the smallest room of the event so unfortunately most people will have to stand. Geeked

Wish us luck.



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