Tip #5 - Multiple country databases; Validate Codepage

As you might be aware of, the NAV client is not Unicode compliant. Usually this is not a big issue since NAV is orriginaly used in countries that do not require double byte characters and generaly NAV installations are single country, so one codepage is enough.

I will blog more about codepages in the furure but for now I want to focus on the option to activate multiple codepages.

When you start up the NAV client it checks if the codepage on your windows system matches the STX file. Also when you create a new database it will only let you pick a collation in your region.

To override this, you can go to the settings of the SQL database in File -> Database -> Alter.

If you uncheck the "validate codepage" flag the check is no longer performed.

Be carefull because if a codepage contains a character that is not supported in the other codepage, you might see rubbish.

As long as this is not a problem for your organisation than it is ok.

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