Tip #24 - The RunFormMode Property

When you are on a Role Center you often see the New This and New That option...

Today I wanted to make one of my own and discovered a new property with a weird name.

Let's create a New Vendor property on this page.

Let's attach the Vendor Card page to this action...

And test...

You'll see that it will just open on the first Vendor Record.

This is not the intended behavior, so how do we implement that? Yes, with the RunFormMode property.

I have no idea why this is called RunFormMode... dear Microsoft, it is a Page property...

But let's change it to Create.

And retest,

And YES, it opens on a new, blank record.


Comment List
  • Hi,

    This is a great tip - my issue is that I open a New Sales Order - and the customer expects to open the page, create & post, and then be able to create & post again, however after the first posting the page closes.

    The issue is that this is a POS atmosphere - and reopening the page every time seems uneccessary to the client (hard to argue...)

    For a Card like above, the user can press OK, or OK & New, but seeminly after posting this is not available. Any ideas - please email me, andrewwarnica at yahoo.com