Tip #19 - Change Rolecenters from the Role Center

For consultants it might be nessesairy every now and then to change Role Center for testing purposes.

You can change your Role Center in table 2000000073 - User Personalization and page 9172 - User Personalization Card

But to go there is quite a hassle. So I decided to add this to my Database Information page I created in Tip #18

The CurrentRoleCenter variable is of Text 50.

This will find the current Role Center in a function. I've added two functions.

With this code

Where Text001 is this text

The function ChangeRoleCenter is called from the OnDrillDown of the CurrentRoleCenter field.

So now our page looks like this.

Download the page here...

Comment List
  • Good idea!

    I was searching for a way to find the current role, and this seems indeed the only way .. .  It will not work when you open with the -profile:... parameter, but anyway ... in your solution, you don't need that parameter anymore.

  • Thanks, this was what I could think of. I need something like this in my current implementation.

    Curious to see if you can think of something else. ;)