Tip #10 - NAV2009 Drop Down List

Following the blog of Claus about drop down lists I would like to add some follow which is new for most developers.

Claus' blog give a very accurate description about how to work with this new cool feature of NAV2009 but when I was explaining it for a developers class I found a little mistery.

The blog describes that, when you do not specify it, NAV will show the primairy key. But how does that explain the drop down of the Currency...

Please note that it shows Code and Description...

And nothing is defined in the Field Groups.

But the PK is just Code.

The explanation is simple. NAV will automaticaly add the Description field to the dropdownlist. Cool huh!

Same seems to work for the Name field.

Good luck

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  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the tips. I understand the concept of Field Groups that you can change the fields to display in the drop down, but still the records are sorted on the PK correct?

    In Clausl's example, although he 'moved' city as the first column, it is still sorted on the Code right?

    Is there a way to change this sorting? That is instead of sorting on the PK, you sort on the City? (which you define as a secondary key)?

    Your help will be very much appreciated.

    Kind regards