The lifecycle of an Application Design Book

My book has been available now for about 4 months and during that period I had some really nice comments and reviews.

For example:

But Waldo beats them all with the images he sends me every now and then. And I want to share them with you, weather you like it or not. Stick out tongue

I got the first physical copy of the book when I as in Vedbaek, Denmark for a Microsoft meeting and Waldo was there to make pictures.

Me opening the envelope with the first copy...

Proud! It was very special to receive the first copy when visiting the place where the product is created.

One of Waldo's purchases. He claims to have bought 22 copies in total...

A book after a few months of intensive use...

And you? Do you have any cool pictures of the book? Just send them to me and I will update this post!


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