TechEd 2006 - The Downloads

The downloads of the powerpoint presentations are available for download at the download section.

Including the preview presentation of NAV 5.0

If there are questions about the presentations, just contact me or start a topic on the forum.




Mark Brummel

Brummel Automatisering


Comment List
  • Its basically classified as:
       *  Architecture
       * Connected Systems Infrastructure
       * Core Infrastructure
       * Database Management
       * Identity & Access Management
       * Management & Operations
       * Messaging & Mobility
       * Office System
       * Security
       * Windows Client

       *  Architecture
       * Base Framework
       * Connected Systems (Communications)
       * Office System
       * SQL Server
       * Tools & Languages
       * Web Development
       * Windows Desktop & Mobile Development
       * Security (virtual track)

    Not sure why arcitecture gets in both. But yes you are correct, I wam trying to work out which sesions would be at which track, I really don't want to go to both.
  • I cannot find what you are talking about. Do you have a url?

    The tracks are categorised in levels going from 1 to 4. The tracks available where

    Business Applications
    Business Intelligence
    Connected Systems
    Database Development and Administration
    Developer Tools
    Management and Operations
    Messaging and Mobility
    Microsoft Application Platform
    Microsoft IT
    Office System
    Vertical Industry Solutions
    Web Development
    Windows Client
    Windows Server Infrastructure

    The sessiontypes were

    Burds of a Feather
    Breakout session
    Hands on lab
    Instructor led lab
    Lunch Session

    But if you want to know about a specific presentation maybe I can tell you what category I think it should be in Barcelona.
  • Yes I know its just one meeting, but the seminars are all divided as being aimed at either developers or IT Professionals, I am curious if any of these were concidered as Developer Stream.
  • David,

    This difference is only at TechEd Barcelona. In Boston there is one big TechEd for everyone.

  • Mark, could I ask you to clarify which of these presentations are from the Developers Track, and which are from the IT Forum Track.

  • Mark, thanks for these. :)