RTC | Excel Buffer vs. CurrReport.SaveAsExcel

With the introduction of RDLC reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 we did not only got PDF support for free, but also the possibility to save every report to Excel.

For years this has been a top 10 request from end users.

In the pre-RTC days (read: stone age) you could use the Excel Buffer table to easily export data to Excel and many Solution Developers are experienced in using this in reports.

You can find more information on how to use the Excel buffer from my Download on MiBuSo.


Back to the RTC and the new SaveAsExcel and the pracital use of that.

First of all, it makes the use of the Excel Buffer unnecessary, but more interesting, it can help us with a performance issue in the RTC.

For some reason the Excel Buffer is very slow in the RTC when you exceed a certain number of rows.

My plan is to replace the CreateSheet function with a generic report that can either be printed or saved as PDF or Excel.

What do you think? It should be possible.

Comment List
  • Eric,

    True that classic is slower, but in this case the same function in classic takes 10 minutes while RTC takes HOURS!

    I'm not sure when I can implement my idea. Maybe someone beats me. :)

  • The excel buffer has indeed become quite slow, but not only in RTC, also in classic.  FOr example the budget export to excel.  I upgraded once a database from 3.60 to 5.0SP1, and that particular export went from 3 minutes to 45 minutes, just because of the changes in the excel buffer... .

    What you're trying to do should be possible, yes.

    more so, when exporting to excel, you get the design for free (groupings, document mapping,... ).  :-)