Reporting from NAVUG Summit 2016 in Pictures

NAVUG Summit is the highlight of my Navision year and NAVUG is one of the best things that happened to me in my professional life.

I’d like to give you an impression of the event by showing some pictures that hopefully tell the story better than words so you’ll attend next year.

Registration & Workshops


Twelve end-user developers attended my pre-conference class with an experience between just starting to 22 Navision years.

Microsoft Keynote


Tuesday was the day after the sail cruise for the NAVUG volunteers. We had to set up the ForNAV booth and attended the Dynamics 365 Launch with Scott and Marko.

Wednesday – Day 1

On Wednesday I had to “open” the event with a 7:45am session where I aparently proved that I need to stop walking and presenting at the same time. Had a great time talking about integration into NAV using Events, Extensions and Web Services.


During the NAV 2017 keynotes I had a chance to sneak up on the stage and could not resist taking a picture of the audience. This is the view Marko and Scott had, but with a bigger audience.


Thursday – Day 2

On Day 2 I had another opportunity to co-present with Soren Klemmensen. The goal of the session was to explain how to behave nice to Navision in order to apply monthly updates. Soren did a great job showing Source Code Management and PowerShell. I showed some anti-patterns and solutions to avoid spaghetti code and how to use the testability framework. Soren closed by explaining the philosophy behind extensions and how to start coding to be ready when extensions become mature enough to be used outside of Dynamics 365.

The evening was well spent with Alex Chow after signing books together. We talked about Dynamics 365, apps, the future of Navision, SCS collapsing and the MVP community.


Stump the experts

This year we had a great deal of fun during the expert panel with Jeff Landeen and Peter Zentner moderated by Kim Congleton.



This year I also had the honor of giving away an all-star award to Steve Chinsky. Other winners where AJ Ansari and Anthony Darden.


Friday – Day 3

The last day was wrapping up on the booth after a good breakfast.


Next Year

NAVUG Summit will be October 10-13, 2017, in Nashville, TN.