R stands for Racing | Dynamics NAV 2009 R2

Eric already mentioned it in his blog, the impression that R2 has performance improvements.

Well, I can second that, BIG TIME.

I am using NAV2009 ever since the early alpha releases and always found the user interface "fluffy". Usable, but sometimes anoyingly fluffy.

One of my customers has a 20GB database with the RTC and is only using custom build pages. They were telling me that if the system was very busy NAV was slow. Profiler did not show any slow queries (hey I still know by basis SQL skills).

Last sunday, encouraged by a phonecall with Waldo, I decided to upgrade my home server to R2 and what a difference. Amazing.

So today I decided to upgrade my customer. Fortunately we have two citrix servers so we first upgraded one and tested the result. The first thing they said was, Mark, does R stand for Racing? (The company is a taxicompany).

So we completed the process by upgrading the second citrix server.

Fingers crossed for the next few days.

Oh and for those who are interested: Their configuration is a VMWAre 4.x on two HP380's with a MSA2000 san. The san only has 6 SATA!!! drives that contain Citrix, Exchange, Fileserver, SQL and the Service tier. On this configuration we run a 20GB RTC database. Geeked With webservices, Client add-ins etcetera...


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