New NAV 2013 Books available!

Recently Packt Publishing released two great new books about Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

This book is written by Laura & Cristina Nicolas and it covers the functional part of the application and especially the how to implement NAV.


Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Written by one of my best friends David Studebaker and his son Chris. Here they cover the technical aspects of the application, how to enhance the functionality.


Packt was kind enough to send me copies of both books to review and post on my blog. Currently I am reading both books and my findings will be online shortly.

And what about your book Mark?

This is a question I've been asked many times last year. I regret to say that due to personal priorities I have decided not to update my book for NAV 2013 yet. With 4 young kids growing up and me being part of that process it would simply be impossible. My wish would have been to update the book with the theories of the Partner Ready Software methodology which honestly would mean a major rewrite of the book. An update with just the application changes covered between 2009 and 2013 would be to simple in my opinion.

So watch my blog for the reviews and don't hesitate to order both books!

I would like to quote David Machanick: "You only need to learn one thing from the book to justify the purchase". And I can promise each and every reader that this will be the case.

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