NAVUG Summit 2016 | Who Is NAV-Girl

If one thing is true about working in IT, it is the wrong balance between the sexes. If I look at all the classes I’ve been teaching in the last two years I had classes with up to 20 guys, no girls.

So what do you do in an ecosystem like that to draw attention on Social Media? For Dynamics NAV we have NAV Girl on Twitter.


But who is she?

This is something I’ve been meaning to figure out for a while. The account has over 1000 followers but who are we following? And why?

I first got suspicious when I started to attend NAVUG. Until then I was naive enough to think I would actually meet her.

So what do we know?

According to her profile she is from the MidWest of the USA and she also discusses beer from that area.


She must be somehow related to NAVUG and North America.

So lets make a quiz

Take Our Poll

The poll will be open for two weeks. Let’s see what we get.




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