Navision, Win2003 R2, SQL2005 x64 & ... VMWare

Today we are installing SQL2005 on a VMWare environment.

We already support several customers on VMWare but this is the first time we are actually doing the migration.

This customer was looking for a failover system for the entire network which was easy to mangage since they do not have in house IT.

Together with a VMWare specialist, the infrastucture supplier and the NAV partner we designed a new configuration.

All current servers will be replaced by 2 new HP DL380 machines and 2 MSA2000 SAN's.

It is pretty state of the art since the MSA2000 is the first SAN apart from the EVA which supports SAS technology.

The 380 machines are equiped with 18GB of RAM and 2 Quadcore CPU's.

In total the system will host several servers.

 * Domain controler
 * File server
 * Print server
 * Exchange server
 * SQL Server
 * Terminal Server
 * A 3rd party server with a Sybase database system.

The MSA2000 has a capacity of 24 SAS disks with currently 20 disks installed. The connection is 4GB fibre.

Since it is a VMWare system the OS is on the SAN.

For Navision on SQL we have reserved 2 disks for the log, 2 disks for tempdb and 8 disks for data.

The current server is a ML370 with 14 on board SAS disks.

We will use the NAV benchmark toolkit and the SQL Perform tools to compare the VMWare performance to the current performance.

Plan is to also use the SP1 client but this will be tested seperately.

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