NAV 2016 | My Second Extension

With the release of NAV Madeira getting closer and Microsoft working on project “Madeira” more and more people are looking into Extensions. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 offers a preview of what Microsoft claims to be the future of Dynamics NAV: Extensions.

I’ve already blogged a lot about Extensions and I am working with a number of partners at this moment to get their solutions re-architected to meet the technical requirements.

The blogging started with the article “NAV2016 | My first extension | NAVUG Summit” which includes the objects from that presentation.

Upgrading Extensions

One thing that Microsoft changed almost immediately after NAV 2016 was releasted to market (RTM) was the upgrade story. This was done in Cumulative update 1.

Since this update it is mandatory to include an upgrade codeunit in your package.

I never got around to it to update the blog and the objects but lately I got quite a lot of emails asking how to work around the error that you get if you try to work with the extension objects.

Waldo explains in this blog how to work with upgrade codeunits and how to make them generic. I don’t think it makes sense for me to repeat him so I will leave you with the link and encourage to read more on his great blog.

Subscribing to Events

Another thing that was not there in the example was a codeunit that contains an example of how to work with events in extensions. This has also been added to this update.

Preparing Madeira


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