NAV 2013 | Windows XP & 2003

It seems like yesterday that I wrote this post.

And nowadays the same goes for Windows XP & 2003. It won't work with NAV.

Why, would you ask.

Well, the CTP and BETA versions still worked (client side) on these versions.Microsoft also "supports" them still until 2014. 2003R2 even until 2015.

So what happened?

Most of us know that for example IE9 and 10 won't run on XP and 2003. To this list we can now add dotnet framework 4.5 to this list.

And this was added to 2013.

Hence, it really does not work.

Why 4.5? And not 4.0?

Questions to MS lead to confirmation that is has to do with the stability of the product. Seems like a good reason for me.

Comment List
  • And what a comment is that JR?

    Would you really say that just because MS is a big company that makes money then they should be required to always support all system backwards?

    So because I have a Navision 3.56 (the DOS version) running on DOS and OS/2 then NAV 2013 should also run on DOS / OS/2 otherwise MS would be a "bad" company who "just wants to sell more and more"?

    I think the fact that Microsoft always support a system for a minimum of 5 years is great and I don't think anyone could ask more.

  • You really believe that?

    I think that M$ just wants to sell more and more! They do not have never enough!