NAV 2013 | Debugging (1)

NAV 2013 has a new debugger. It allows us to debug the RTC.

But that does not mean that Microsoft has just migrated the debugger from Classic to RTC. No, they've done much more. It's quite a cool and complete debugger that allows you to do much more than we used to.

For example:

1. You can debug every user on the service tier from one debug session, including webservices.

2. You can put breakpoints in objects that are higher in the stack hierarchy

3. The debugger is designed as pages in C/AL that allow you to modify the debugger to fit your needs.

In this post I want to briefly touch the last example, since I was aggravated by one small issue that I solved and want to share to prevent this from happening to you.


Because the debugger is now part of the application, it is also translated to your local language.

Now you should know that the Dutch translation in the RTC is to cry. Terrible terminology is used.

This is how the debugger looks in Dutch:

Now I like to use Dutch for the RTC, but I want the debugger to be in English.

This is now an easy task, since we can remove the translation from the objects.

And then the debugger is in ENU.

Except off course the parts that are translated by the RTC itself.

Hopefully more about debugging in a next post

Comment List
  • I'm not very fond f the new debugger. It seems very slow, and has the same major problem as the old one: it doesn't work if there are comment lines in the source code. Then you can only guess what line of code is executed, and setting a breakpoint after a few lines of comment doesn't work eigher

  • It seems that the new NAV debugger still has the exact same problems as the old debugger: it only works if there are not comment lines in code. If there are comment lines you have to guess which line is executed, and placing breakpoints doesn't work good either.

  • The debugger is really just another reason why I love NAV 2013, especially compared to NAV 2009.

    My only only real issue with NAV 2013, is that I have also seen quite a lot of localization/translation issues in the Danish version of NAV 2013. Not so much bad translations as functionality that seems to work differently depending on the language.

  • The same here in Germany.

    The German translation is so poor that (before having seen it in English) I did not try some functions because I thought they did something totally different.

    A feature about the new debugger I like very much and use quite often:

    You are able to quit the debugging process together with the NAV transaction.

    That way you can prepare the test data, debug and quit, and your test data are still the same as before.