NAV 2009 - The Programming Book

After the succes of the first book about programming for Nav 5 SP there will be an updated version for 2009.

It is scheduled for release in oktober 2009.

Here is the link

Please note that it is not a new book but a rewrite. So it is handling pages instead of forms.


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  • I just found out about Mark's "announcement" and wanted to add my point of view.  

    The new book, "Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009" contains about 1/3 rewritten information and about 2/3 new material.  The rewritten material convers the aspects of NAV that didn't change from V5 to V2009 (V6), but I tried to improve the writing, the completeness and the examples.  Of course everything that relates to pages, report layout and all the other new capabilities of NAV 2009 (including SP1) is new material.  I've been helped by a lot of imput from the product development team at Microsoft.  I appreciate your interest and am looking forward to the planned October publication date.

    BTW: Erik is right that the book is as much about design and about development practices as it is about the part of programming I think of as coding.  It's my opinion that a developer/programmer's job includes all those things.  In the end, we're the ones really responsible for creating a good working system for the end users.

    Also: Mark's a great technical reviewer! :-)

  • @Marq: I know. I had the same discussing with David Studebaker with the book first came out. He basically agreed. But the publisher liked the programming title better!!  I think the book (the previous version) was a great introduction into the world of Navision Development and all the things you can do even without writing one line of code!

    @Stefka: It wasn't Mark who wrote the book. The author is David Studebaker, Mark is "just" the technical reviewer.

  • Yes it is an updated version. (Easier for me to review :))

    You can have a terminology discussion about what programming is in NAV.

    If programming NAV is only coding than it is a thin book isn't it. Programming NAV and ERP is more but if you call the book designing you might mis the basic audience.

    The best audience for the book IMHO are end users who want to know more about their system and beginning developers at partners. For them it is perfect that David explains what 'programming' NAV is all about. The term 'designing' might scare that audience.

  • Will it only be an updated version?

    David Studebakers book was great, but it just had a wrong name. The book basically had nothing about programming in it! It sure had a lot about system designing/development. But for me and many other people, then programming=code.