NAV 2009 SP1 - Run pages from objectdesigner | Pros and Cons

For this blog entry I would like to refer to Eric Wauters (Waldo) blog entry.

One thing he describes about NAV 2009 SP1 is the possibility to start pages from the object designer, simply by clicking the run button.

This saves you the trouble of running Dynamicsnav:////runpage?page=70000 from the windows run menu or the internet explorer.


Let's see what happens add a record to the table, which page 70000 is based on...

And run the page again...

The new data is not showing....


For this to understand we have to go back to the statement


Please note that it has 4 forward slashes. When I first got demo't this the reason they gave was they did not know why.

Reason is simple. Between the first two slashes you can enter the companyname and servername.

The online help says this about it:

When you build a hyperlink URL, it can be structured in the following three ways:

  • DynamicsNAV://server/service/company/runpage?page=22&bookmark=0ABA0700235752C7D1

  • DynamicsNAV://server/service/company/runreport?report=901

  • DynamicsNAV://server/service/company/navigate?node=Home/Items

You can also specify the following additional parameters in a URL.

Parameter Description Example

Personalization ID

This is the unique identification used in personalization to store settings in the User Metadata table. If a personalization ID is not found, the page is launched without personalization.

dynamicsnav://localhost/DynamicsNAV/CRONUS International Ltd./runpage?page=22&personalization=0000232e-0000-001a-0008-0000836bd2d2


This positions the cursor on a single record in a table.

Only automatically generated bookmarks should be used. If you enter an incorrect bookmark, you will get an error message.

dynamicsnav://localhost/DynamicsNAV/CRONUS International Ltd./runpage?page=22&bookmark=120000000089083237343


Enables you to open a page in a specific mode.

Other modes include: view, edit, create, select, and delete.

dynamicsnav://localhost/DynamicsNAV/CRONUS International Ltd./runpage?page=22&mode=View

When you run the  button the hyperlink opens the default settings from the CustomSettings.Config file

This MSDN link explains how the file works.

The company seems to be remembered from the last opened company.

Conclusion: The run button is a nice to have but does not make the Runpage obsolete...


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