NAV 2009 SP1 - Matrix fun

NAV 2009 has redesigned the matrix pages.

What happened is that they went back to a 'single' page. The used technology is a page with subpage. The page is where the filters are set, and the subpage is what we used to call the matrix control.

Unfortunately it is not what used to be a matrix. It is a 'normal' list page.

Rumours say that the matrix control was discontinued because of its complexity. People who are in the channel longer know that the matrix control was never really reliable and always behaving funny.

So it seems that this is the 'final' solution. Maybe, maybe not.

The pages are converted from forms, but since the matrix controls are not supported by the transformation tool there is a special form for the conversion. From 9202 _Budget will be converted to page 113. Page and Form 9203 Budget Matrix is the subpage.

Codeunit 9200 Matrix Management handles a lot of what the old control used to handle.

Al and al it is not a bad solution but I wanted to show some weird things

It seems that they still did a rush job. Stick out tongue


This function will never be executed.

Is this generated code or a missing IF line?

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