My Directions USA Schedule | If I were going…

For me, not being at Directions USA is like missing my daughters birthday. It’s awfull. But since my youngest daughter actually will turn 8 next Monday I had to choose which, yes you can guess, was an easy choice.

The fact that I won’t be there does not mean it’s not on the top of my mind and I actually made a schedule that I would use if I would have been there. So here we go. These would be my highlights:


Starts off course with the keynote. I hope to see a lot of activity on Twitter here so I don’t actually miss to much. Off couse I have my Liberty Grove liasons there to update me.

Dynamics NAV 2017, In Office 365 Experience

By Jared Hall from 3:15 to 4:15. I think this is THE best NAV2017 feature and definately the reason I will upgrade my customers to 2017

Consultant Best Practices – Requirements Process (Discovery and Design)

In the projects I do I see myself moving more into a PM role and I am curious to listen how others bring requirements and development together


First the general session and then…

Dynamics NAV 2017, Faster Setup and Configuration, Creating an Outstanding Introductory Experience

By Stuart Glasson and Brian Nielsen. Can’t go wrong with these Navision veterans.

The new setup wizards and fresh look at simplicity are lessons every partner should know.

Functional programming in NAV

By Erik Hougaard, definately one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. If Erik has a new idea it’s worth listening to and see if you understand.

What should you be using Extensions for today

Oh, this would be so much fun if I were there. I would like to highjack this session to simply say: Nothing. They should only be used for Dynamics 365.

Please, someone go there and tell me what the story was.

Reports ForNAV – an overview

No brainer. See this post : How I fell in love with ForNAV

Progressus Software, Introduction

This seems something new that Microsoft has aquired. In this time slot the most interesting session.


No keynote, so directly into sessions and the first slot is a nightmare. At least three interesting ones. Which to choose. Who made this agenda???

Option 1 – Dynamics NAV, Polymorphic Event Patterns for C/AL

If Vjeko talks, you shut up and listen. Try to understand, watch the recording 5 times and then try to understand again. Always valuable time.

HOWEVER!! This idea will probably also be presented at NAVTechDays so you might want to grab the recording there and look at something that is only in USA

Option 2 – What your customers aren’t telling you

I just have to promote Mark Rhodes and NAVUG. NAVUG was definately one of the best things that happened to me in the last two years and I think every partner and customer that looks at NAV as a strategic part of their business should be a member and listen to what Mark has to say.

Option 3 – Dynamics 365 for Financials, Validating Your Extensions for AppSource

This session would probably be where I end up since I Dynamics 365 is something that interests me most.

Dynamics NAV, Agile Development – An Interactive Discussion

No brainer. Talk to the guys who make Navision.

Reports ForNAV Converter and Designer

See earlier comments

US SMB Dynamics Strategy and Big Bets

In this session you should have a fair chance to have a look into the future plans of Microsoft I think.

Dynamics 365 for Financials, Modern Development Experience and Improvement for Developers

I’ve already blogged about this one. Directions 2016 Easter Egg | C/AL in Visual Studio Code?

This session alone is worth the registration fee, hotel cost and plane ticket. Sit on your but and listen to the plans Microsoft has for our future. Give them feedback.

Small hint: It seems like Microsoft will actually leave bits and pieces in NAV2017 as a real easter egg.

Option 1 – Bad Habits of NAV Developers

This will be interesting since Gary actually has two presentations in this time slot. I know he can do amazing stuff, but I’d like to lean how he can be in two places at the same time.

Waldo will at least be here and he always has a good show.

NOTE: If you think something else is more interesting, this session will also be at NAVTechDays and on YouTube afterwards. Spend your time smart.

Option 2 – Dynamics 365 for Financials, Modern Development Experience and Improvement for Developers – An Interactive Discussion

If you don’t mind watching Waldo on YouTube in a few weeks than this would be were I am if I were there. Yikes, is that english…

Give your feedback to the guys who are changing the Development Experience. If you don’t attend this session I don’t want you to complain when it is finished.


The first time slot on the last day is not where you want to be as a speaker. This is probably why the day starts with some repeats.

Dynamics NAV Engineering Excellence – Hands On

Maybe it is a good idea to wake up in a workshop with Gary, Anders and Robert. Engineering Excelence is a wide topic and I would just attend out of curiousity.

Option 1 – Dynamics NAV 2017, General Application Improvements

Just to get an overview of what has changed in NAV2017 by Peter.

Option 2 – Advanced Development Best Practices in Dynamics NAV

By Gary and Steven. Always worth your time although the session description does not match the word advanced. If this is about loosely coupled software, façades and hooks and you have never heard of those then please attend. Otherwise join Peter.