MS Dynamics Entrepreneur Solution 2008 NL has been released

Microsoft Dynamics™ Entrepreneur Solution 2008 for the Netherlands is released and made available for download on this page. Microsoft Dynamics Entrepreneur Solution 2008 is an integrated, adaptable business management solution designed to meet the needs of small businesses. Microsoft Dynamics Entrepreneur Solution 2008 is built on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. It enables companies to streamline their core business functions—such as finance, purchasing, and sales and marketing—to provide insight across their organization and improve the efficiency of their operations. Microsoft Dynamics Entrepreneur Solution 2008 works with Microsoft technologies, and works like and together with software and solutions employees may already know. Microsoft Dynamics Entrepreneur Solution 2008 brings together people, processes, and technologies, helping increase the productivity and effectiveness of businesses, so they can drive business success.

This is the first version of Microsoft Dynamics Entrepreneur Solution 2008 and therefore there are no Change Doc or Known Issues.

Please use Microsoft Premiere Online to file support requests for Microsoft Dynamics Entrepreneur Solution 2008 (requires a Partner Advantage Plan).

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General Information

The product is basicaly just Navision with an extra layer for small companies. They have not deleted any objects so manufacturing and jobs are still there but not accessible from the menu.

The menusuite has been redesigned to use new objects. These are more simple objects that are easier to use for small companies.

What is very strange is that it uses a lot of (conditional) formatting and use of multiple subforms. This is not supported in the 6.0 client.

How can Microsoft release new software that cannot be supported in a new version! This is documented in their own whitepapers.


This product has great potential but the way it has been designed proofs that the new client of 6.0 has to limmited possibilities

Comment List
  • It is easy to say you have your own GUI guidelines but the NAV guides are there for a reason. You are also Microsoft.

    I am curious about the results in look and feel of entrepeneur in 6.0. In that version end users can make much more changes themselves to the pages.

  • I would like to give a short reaction to some of the concerns:

    1) "forms are totally against all GUI guidelines"

    The forms are by design and have their own GUI guidelines.

    2) "forms are against NAV 6.0 GUI rules"

    The forms were designed before the NAV 6.0 GUI rules were finished. And yes, they need to be redesigned for 6.0 in order to fit. Probably this will result again in specific Entrepreneur GUI guidelines.

    3) "the way it has been designed proofs that the new client of 6.0 has to limmited possibilities"

    Again, the product has been designed before the 6.0 rules were finished, so it does not say anything about the 6.0 limitations.

  • If you grow over 5 users you should indeed delete the entrepeneur forms.

    Even with only 5 users you can collect a ton of data which can cause serious performance issues. Problem is that an engineer is officially not allowed to make changes.

    Thing is that the NAV license cannot see changes in the base tables like indexes and fields do you can do mods I think.

  • Personally, I'm quite excited about the entreprener.  The only problem I see is when customer grow over 5 users.   It is possible to go to a full NAV database with backup/restore, but then, when growing too much, you'll see that the design of the forms isn't really good for performance.  

  • I've bought it for my own adminstration.

    I'm quite curious how they are going to deal with the fact that "new forms are totaly against all GUI guidelines and NAV 6.0 rules".

    But for me personally is not a problem.

  • Well it's not going to be a replacement for C5! C5 is too much of a huge succes to they dare change that. But the issue is that C5 is only available in Danish and Icelandic, and they don't really wanna base their European SB&H adventure on a technology which is already "dead" and has no upgrade part.

    The thing is that MS really wants to get the same market share in rest of Europe as C5 has in Denmark and Quicken in the US.

  • Yes, it should be seen as a replacement for C5 users. Strange thing is that is has been released in NL first, not in DK.

    It is easy to upgrade to standard NAV since it is all developed in new forms and menusuites but the new forms are totaly against all GUI guidelines and NAV 6.0 rules. Cool, but not compliant.

  • It sure sounds like a "strange" size, especially that it cannot be expected to be upgraded. More or less it sure does sound like Dynamics C5, which originally started up on the same platform as the now "dead" XAL solution (on which Axapta was also based).

    In reference to this story I can recommend to read this: