Is this our future?

Today I wached the Convergence Keynotes 2012 online.

After the Always extremely boring introduction and marketing bla bla bla where were 5 amazing minutes that gave a glance into our future.

Microsoft Dynamics (NAV??) Metro style.

They converted a role center into Windows 8 tiles! Awesome!

You can really see that they basically took the cues that are on the role center and converted them into tiles.

If you watch the keynotes you can see that pages are also converted to windows 8 like apps.

This makes me really exited about the future, but hey, now I'm starting to sound like these marketing guys.


Comment List
  • It looks great, but booking forward to see this in a "real life" situations.

    I think the biggest challenge for Microsoft in the coming years is to sell this to all the partners salespeople and consultants. Even today, 3 years after NAV 2009, then I still see that most salespeople still would prefer to push the classic client rather than the RTC, simply because they still don't really understand it themselves. Hopefully adding these colorful tiles will help this part.