Inside Project “Madeira” part VI | The Podcast

It has been to long since I blogged about Project “Madeira” and this is for several reasons, one being project “Madeira” itsself since I have been busy helping some partners to be up to speed with the offering.

There are a number of things I want to blog about but today I wanted to get off easy by giving you a link to a podcast I did last week for MS Dynamics World together with Andrew Good of Liberty Grove Software.

If you want to learn more about project Madeira you can also try it out yourself.

Product Suggestions

Another great thing is that you can share your ideas with Microsoft. You can do that here. By looking at the list it seems that Projects/Jobs will be added in the future.

Other Resources

You can watch the video about project “Madeira” and read other articles from this blog.

Learn More

Use this contact form if you want to learn more about how to move forward with project “Madeira” and get started with your extensions today.