How John Doe comes alive in Dynamics NAV | A story

Last week I spend an evening just taking about things with my Dad and my Brother. Something that does not happen very often so I looked forward to it and enjoyed very much. We all have a lot of personality characteristics in common so most stories sound like it could happen to all of us.

My Dad told us a story how he managed to enroll himself into an exam via Internet. He had to fill out an online form to enroll. And he did, but never got a confirmation. So he called the company and explained what happened. The entry never made it into the system to the company told him to try again, which he did. This time it worked and the transaction was confirmed. My dad was happy.

This reminded me of some situations I have at a customer that deals with these issues as well, but in that case I am on the other side of things. I am the guy whom is asked: "Do we have this-and-this transaction via the website/email?" etc.

This is the story:

"One of my customers is using board computers in their vans and they receive their shipments via an interface with Dynamics NAV. Most of the time this works fine, but since they have almost 400 of these machines, things happen. Weird things. One of the drivers complained that a shipment never arrived at her board computer, so we investigated. Since we keep traces of most transactions we could see that indeed the shipment was in Dynamics NAV but not in the Board Computer so we did a similar transaction in the test system. We could not reproduce the error. So someone suggested to make a copy of the shipment in the real system and see what happenes. So we did and everthing went fine. To make a long story short, in the end we found the issue and removed the data we created in the real system. Or so we thought...

A few days later I got a call from the customer that this shipment is still being sent to the board computer. So we obviously forgot to remove something. The only issue is that the "shipments" at this company are persons being transported in taxi's. So we accidentaly created a person that did not exist. But since we made a copy of a real person, all the address information was of someone real."

In the end we fixed the issue and laughed about it, but imagine what can happen... someone like my dad could get enroled into a wrong exam because someone tested why his enrollment did not work.

At the end of all lines in the ERP software we use are people, real people like you and me and we should always be aware of that.

This was a story, a story that really happened and was a lesson for me, and hopefully for some who read this too...

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