Granule 9100 - Dynamics NAV Server

Update: The Granule is now FREE!

Thanks Dan!


This new granule is starting to agrevate me a lot lately.

Microsoft has added this granule the license module since the release of NAV 2009. It allows to use the Role Tailored Client. You need one of these per Service Tier. A service tier can handle about 60 concurrent users.

Pefect you might think; but nothing could be more wrong.

Microsoft is actualy charging for this granule on top of the users. Not just starting from the second server, no... starting from the first.

So if I buy a new NAV system for 4 end users Business Essentials it will cost 449 euro or 500 dollar extra. Rediculous! Especialy if Microsoft claims that they want to promote the RTC.

But wait... it get's worse.

For customers who are on the enhancement plan the same rules apply. So if you paid 16% maintenance for years and years and you want to upgrade you need to buy this granule.

This makes me think if Microsoft realises that all the money they get to spend on this product is actualy paid by these customers.

My suggestion to Microsoft would be to make this free. At least the first.

All those in favor? Please comment this blog. Cool

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  • nice post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one know that some Iranian hacker had hacked twitter yesterday.

  • This is a mistake that Microsoft will feel. Many customers won't like it and parterns will find themselves in a very difficult situation. This granule should replace Classic Client eventually and instead to have it some time used paralel for free to compensate user frustration with new client it is chargeable. I just couldn't beleive it. I would say that this will slow Navision expanding on US market and probably world wide.

    Thank you for commenting.

  • David, thank you for clarifying.

    I think we are on the same path...

  • Sorry for the confusion.

    What I meant is that its quite short sighted for Microsoft to charge $500. Existing customers that pay the huge "maintenance and upgrade" fee are going to be pissed off. If an existing Nav customer moves to RTC there can be a lot of new granules users etc, the license is sure to grow, and I think $50,000 is conservative.

    So what I mean is that this granule should be, well lets not say free, but lets say "included at no extra charge in the Upgrade plan". I think long term it will generate happy customers and more revenue than the quick $500.

    Also I see its a one off fee, but I would have no complaints if they had say one Middle Tier at no charge, and then granularize it so you pay for additional ones.

  • Oh, Matt, another question... how does the RTC run with 150 users?

  • Matt,

    Very well spoken and I agree with you.

    Microsoft has a point to say that you can use the classic client.

    It's just... well, you know...

  • Snippet from my post on Mibuso:

    You can only add one service tier to your license. So $500, one time, +16%. How do I know this? Because we have 150 users and tried to add four of them to our license. Our partner didn't even know you could only add one. Microsoft came back and told them they could only add the one. So we are getting refunded the $1500 extra we paid.

    If you setup four services on the same box, all pointing to the same database, you can start them, connect through them, all at the same time, with only one instance of the granule in your license.

    As for free...I do think it should be free, but I see Microsoft's point. They are not forcing anyone onto the RTC...yet. You can use the classic client as long as you are on one of the current versions. In that regard they are delivering as promised: a working upgrade to the latest version of the software as long as you have paid your enhancement fee. Once again, should it be free, I think so...but I can't be angry that it's not.

  • Hi Alex,

    MS Connect link is not working, it's giving me Page Not Found Erro, can you please check out the link..

    I can't belive that MS charging for NAV Server, well i am not surprised becasue they even charge for the Training Materials..

  • Hi,

    what is other products? Do they charge more for AX RTC or 3-tier?

    I think it has to be universal for all product lines...

  • @David, can you be more precise in what you mean?

    For me it's not the 500 bucks, it's the principle.

  • Its a bit short sighted when a $500 granule may lose a $50,000 sale.

  • Is there a link on MS Connect that we can vote on?

  • I believe 9100 Granule should be free, means just restrict the number of concurrent users and let the client/ users decide if they want to use RTC or Classic .

    Earlier I thought that for RTC, there is no additional granule requirement (means every NAV2009 license allows both clients)but in July I came to know about this granule.

    It is ridiculous.............