Getting ready 4 NavTechDays

Only three nights sleep and we'll celebrate 12 years of At least that was what we did 2 years ago, celebrate 10 years of mibuso. But this time its more. Much more.

With two days, 450 participants and 13 great sessions it will be bigger than ever. And this time I'll participate in the contents of the event. First with the Partner-ready Software session that is hosted by Gary and Waldo. I'll do a small contribution there.

Partner-ready Software is a new concept of developing "add-on" solutions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV that is the "Brain Child" of Gary Winter, a very good NAV friend that I met 10 years ago and also became a personal friend. PRS is supported by by Lars Hammer (MS Principal Software Architect) and the Microsoft EMEA product team.

PRS is to much to be covered in just 90 minutes but we'll try. I'll stop teasing you now.

Then I'll do my "own" session about Tools & tricks that make NAV development easier and more organized. That session will have to compete with Data Visualisation by Christian Abeln so I hope to have at least one or two people in my room. Stick out tongue

So. Hope to see you there, and if not than maybe at Directions USA in two weeks from now.



Mark Brummel


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  • PR sounds great, but its a challenge these days. I hope you can make it work, and get people to see the benefit of doing things right the first time.

    Sadly there is more money to be made doing it the wrong way, so people will keep doing that.