First points for the Microsoft Dynamics Team

As you should know by now, Microsoft Dynamics is sponsoring a Formula 1 team. They sponsor Lotus F1, formerly known as Renault and prior to that Benneton and Toleman.

This morning in the first race they got 7th place with Kimi Räikkönen. Partly because of good driving and a big part of being lucky that Maldonado crashed in the last lap.

As you might read in between the lines Formula 1 is one of my great passions. The combination of Technology, Politics, Talent and of course Money makes it very interesting once you know how things relate to each other. Kind of the same with the Navision partner channel.

This does make me wonder why on earth Microsoft has decided to pick Lotus F1 out of all teams. If I were in marketing I would either pick a team that can win or a team with one or more drivers that are good at promoting my product or business.

Even though both Renault and Kimi Räikkönen are former world champions they somehow don't fit in that profile.

However, it does give a completely new and cool dimension to my Formula 1 experience and after seeing Kimi driving today I'm sure we'll see some cool races. It's good to have you back Kimi!

BTW, on the news was the message that Microsoft is sponsoring Formula 1. I heard nobody mentioning Dynamics. Guess that means we have a long way to go.

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